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B3X/B4X Oil Drain Splash Shield

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  • Oil changes on a BMW B3X or B4X engine are cumbersome, oil splashes everywhere and creates a mess that is hard to clean and time consuming. If you are doing an oil change yourself this can cause oil to leak and stain your driveway. If you’re a shop this will create a comeback, expensive cleanup costs, and unsatisfied customers.
  • Using the AGA B3X/B4X Oil Drain Splash Shield will prevent any oil spills/splashes when removing the oil drain plug.
  • Install in seconds and super easy to use! 
  • Application: Vehicles with the transverse mounted B46 or B48 engine variants (F48 X1, F44 2 Series, F39 X2 and U11 X1)
  • View instructions here
  • View BMW Service Bulletin here
  • BMW Part # 83 30 5 A7B 9D4
  • BMW SIB 04 01 23

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