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N63 Updated Rear Engine Cover

SKU AGA-N63-6061-URC
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  • The BMW N63 rear cover is a metal plate that covers the rear of the BMW N63 V8 engine. It helps to seal the engine and prevent oil leaks.
  • Overtime, the original sealing gasket becomes brittle and does not seal, causing leaks between the engine and transmission bell housing. This repair can be very expensive and is usually misdiagnosed for a rear main seal.
  • The AGA Updated N63 Rear Cover is an inexpensive alternative, made of 6061 billet aluminum. This kit includes the rear cover, viton o-ring, alcohol wipe, scotch-brite pad and o-ring grease.
  • View instructions here
  • View BMW Service Bulletin here
  • BMW Part # 11 14 2 446 298
  • BMW SIB 11 09 16

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