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Crank Case Vacuum Regulator - European

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Part of the new Clean Oil Series by AGA Tools, we have the Crank Case Vacuum Regulator. This kit is designed to prevent any oil spills when needing to replace things like the oil drain plug, oil sending unit or something simple as a leaking seal.

Why is this so important? With the AGA Crank Case Vacuum Regulator, situations like need to swap the original drain plug with the AGA Clean Oil Drain Plug, this can be done without needing to remove the oil prior to the install of the Clean Oil Drain Plug.

The regulator ensures proper vacuum suction while using it with a portable vacuum system or 110v shop vacuum system. The Crank Case Vacuum Regulator Kit includes the regulator, 1/4 turn style oil cap connector, and new style oil cap connector. Universal adapter not included in this kit.

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