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Porsche Transmission Mount Tiptronic Adapter

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  • Problem: Slight vibration when accelerating in a Porsche 996 with a tiptronic transmission. The failure that occurs to the mount is the vulcanized rubber separates from the housing on the mount. This is a broken transmission mount. Without the AGA Transmission Tool, the mount is very expensive and is difficult to replace.
  • Solution: Easily replace the mount with the transmission in car, using this adapter set in conjunction with Part# AGA-POR-996-997-TMT
  • Benefit: Able to replace failed transmission mount on 996 tiptronic cars with the transmission in the car. This will increase shop sales due to affordable solution offered to the customer.
  • Please Note: The Porsche Tiptronic Adapter Kit must be used in conjunction with the Porsche Transmission Mount Tool, Part # AGA-POR-996-997-TMT. This kit is only works for Porsche 996 vehicles with tiptronic, not 997. Transmission mount sold separately.  

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