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N63 Complete Gasket Kit

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  • All of the parts you need to do a complete valve stem seal replacement on BMW N63 engines. This kit includes:
32 Elring valve stem seals
Valve covers gaskets & high-pressure pump seal gaskets - left & right side
Ten injector seals (Two Extra Seals Included)
Eight injector coupling seals
Front timing cover gaskets
2 solenoid seal – Sets inner and outer
PCV valve – Left and Right
PCV hoses – Left and Right

  • This complete set includes oil separators and PCV hoses which are notoriously brittle, so your repair job isn’t put on hold due to broken parts.
  • Please Note: This does not include the N63 Valve Stem Seal Tool Kit. We recommend purchasing the N63 Tool Kit to make removing and replacing valve stem seals quicker and easier. Click here to buy.

Ordering from Europe? Click here to buy from our European distributor KOED


Models This Product Fits

  • N63 Engines

Parts Included With This Kit

Quantity 32
Part # 11-34-0-039-494
Description Valve Stem Seals
Quantity 8
Part # 13-53-7-564-751
Description Injector Coupling Seal
Quantity 10
Part # 13-53-7-584-315
Description Fuel Injector Seal
Quantity 1
Part # 11-12-7-566-288
Description Valve Cover Gasket Right
Quantity 1
Part # 11-12-7-566-289
Description Valve Cover Gasket Left
Quantity 1
Part # 11-12-7-566-290
Description High Pressure Pump Gasket L & R
Quantity 2
Part # 11-12-7-566-281
Description Timing Cover Gasket
Quantity 4
Part # 11-36-7-548-459
Description Solenoid Seals Outer
Quantity 4
Part # 11-36-7-561-852
Description Solenoid Seal Inner
Quantity 1
Part # 11-15-7-646-086
Description PCV Valve Right
Quantity 1
Part # 11-15-7-646-087
Description PCV Valve Left
Quantity 1
Part # 11-15-7-575-640
Description PCV Hose Bank 1
Quantity 1
Part # 11-15-7-575-641
Description PCV Hose Bank 2
Quantity 2
Part # 11-12-8-636-401
Description Profile Gasket
Total $573.19

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