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Oil Drain Plug Repair Kit

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    • Problem: You are working on a vehicle with an aluminum oil pan and accidentally strip the drain plug. Usually it's not so difficult to perform the repair, but because the steering rack, sub frames and axles are in the way, it's hard to remove the oil pan on these modern vehicles. Now you are looking at 8+ hour job to just replace the oil pan.
    • Solution: Using the AGA Drain Plug Repair Kit will allow you to repair the stripped drain plug without having to remove the oil pan.
    • Benefits: Instead of the normal cut thread, our repair kit uses a roll thread process which presses/expands threads on the oil pan to a bigger diameter. This process also increases the strength of the thread. Most drain plugs strip at 55 ft-lb, with our repair kit and provided drain plugs, the plug can me torqued as high as 95 ft-lbs.
    • View instructions here
    • View BMW Service Bulletin here
    • BMW Part # 83 30 2 461 309
    • BMW SIB B11 07 18

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