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Jack Rod Stand - 2T

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Transform your floor jack into a reliable, stable jack stand with the AGA Jack Rod Stand.

This device effortlessly extends into place with a push of a lever and locks into place at your desired height, providing a secure hold even if the floor jack fails. Say goodbye to clunky jack stands and the risk of damaging floors - its compact, lightweight design makes it easy to store or attach to any floor jack with the Jack Rod Stand Mount.

Boasting the capacity to support up to 2 tons and compatibility with most floor jacks, the Jack Rod Stand is ideal for workshops, tracks, and roadside repairs. Make sure you have the right tool for the job - get an AGA Jack Rod Stand for your toolbox today.

  • Fits 3-wheel style 2 ton floor jacks
  • Load capacity: 2T
  • Length: 8 to 14inch
  • Note: Does not include Jack Rod Stand Mount or floor jack
  • US Patent 11505440B1

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