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Driveshaft Holder

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  • The problem is you need to remove a very tight driveshaft nut on the newer model vehicles on the differential side. The old historic way of keeping the driveshaft in place by prying on it with a pry bar with your buddy is very dangerous and easily damage the driveshaft and its components. 
  • The solution is the AGA Tools Driveshaft Holder! The design of this Driveshaft Holder is made to fit many different manufactures, old or new, because of the sliding mounts. The Driveshaft Holder bolts directly to the center support using the longer bolts that are supplied.
  • Now removing the driveshaft can be a single man job!
  • BMW part # 83 30 5 A0E 403
  • Part # 83 30 5 A0E 403 is for both the Driveshaft Wrench and Driveshaft Holder, however we sell them separately. See Driveshaft Wrench here.

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