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Park Cable Clip Repair Kit

SKU AGA-PCC-854-898
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F20s, F30s and F80s vehicles are plagued with the scraping/screeching noise coming from under the armrest. What causes this? Over time, the plastic parking brake retaining clip (BMW part # 34 40 6 854 898) deforms due to age/heat. The cable guide does not hold the cable in place anymore and starts to rub against the driveshaft, causing the scraping/screeching noise.

This common failure has given many F20s, F30s and F80s owners a huge scare and uncomfortable feeling due to the terrible sound this failure produces, not to mention the expensive repair bill. The repair procedure requires the tank to be lowered and have the retaining clip removed and replaced with another plastic clip. What's to say this won't happen to the vehicle again? Be ready and stock the billet aluminum AGA Park Cable Clip Repair Kit to avoid the headaches and angry customers.


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